6th Grade

At this stage of development the student’s world is delineated in absolutes (more inclusive thinking will develop in the future). The 6th grade curriculum focuses on strong guidelines and clear differentiation concepts as well as a morality of right and wrong.

  • Business math, geometric drawing,
    & equations
  • Physics, geology, botany, ancient Rome, medieval Europe, the Crusades, & Islam
  • Expository, descriptive, & narrative writing
  • North & South American geography
  • Spanish, orchestra, recorder

7th Grade

Along with the changes brought about by puberty, adolescents begin to turn inward to seek themselves. The child at this age experiences conflict in wanting to be accepted by the group, yet recognized as an individual. The 7th grade curriculum meets these developments through themes of discovery, exploration, and transformation.

  • Algebra, chemistry, physics
  • Research papers, meteorology, astronomy, physiology
  • Platonic solids, World & European History 1400-1700
  • African & European geography
  • Woodworking, sewing, Spanish, orchestra

8th Grade

With the advent of puberty, eighth-graders’ capacity for logical thinking and independent judgment fully awakens. The class teacher brings enthusiasm to the individual student’s search for truth. The robust 8th grade curriculum allows students to experience a sense of completion as they stand at the doorway to adulthood and prepare to leave our school.

  • Geometry, chemistry, physics, physiology, Shakespeare
  • Geography of Asia & Antarctic, World History 1700 – present
  • Spanish, orchestra, sewing, black & white charcoal drawing